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A complete equipment

An expertise in horizontal splitting

The company has at its disposal an industrial equipment that allows it to ensure a production of quality. The complete industrial tool offers a large variety of polyethylene, polyurethane foams conversions and rubber conversions. 

Before everything, Javaux is expert in horizontal splitting. To split consists in cutting materials such as foam or rubber in the thickness.
With different techniques and a suitable industrial tool, the company is able to convert very dense materials, blocks and rolls, with a high precision and a perfect control of the thickness split.


Techniques on demand

A set of techniques to produce a product on demand:

  • Horizontal splitting: give a constant and controlled thickness by splitting the cellular material,
  • Laminating: increase the initial foam's thickness, associate different material, densities, shades,
  • Adhesive bonding: laminate the foam with different types of efficient adhesive tapes, chosen according to the specific techniques whished,
  • Cutting: the products are die cut or kiss cut depending on the needs (cut by stamping, selective cutting, digital cutting...)
  • Machining: Formatting the cellular material by machining
  • Thermocompression : heat molding of foam parts.

These processing conversion techniques can be combined in order to give reality to your project.
The products can be presented in rolls, strips, individually, as a format or as a kit.


phone+33 (0)2 37 27 18 13

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