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Javaux, 50-year experience in technical foams

Founded in the mid 50's, Javaux is an industrial company specialized in the conversion process of technical foams, especially for sealing applications, thermal and sound insulations, shock absorption, draftproofing, and comfort.Cross-linked polyethylene foams, cellular rubber and PU foams form the heart of our range of products.

Privileged partnerships with our suppliers, combined with a thorough knowledge of materials and a unique know-how have allowed us to develop our company but also to be recognized by our customers.

Nowadays, Javaux is working with 32 co-workers operating in commercial, research, engineering and production functions. The factory is over 6,000 m2 and includes the production facilities, the warehouse, and the design, administrative and sales offices. 

phone+33 (0)2 37 27 18 13

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